Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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HydroView PRO HydroView AquaLens
HydroView AquaLens
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Aquabotix is committed to preserving the delicate, underwater ecostystems for the enjoyment of future generations

Social Responsibility

We created our underwater viewing products because we are fascinated by the worlds beneath the waves. We are committed to preserving these delicate, underwater ecosystems for the enjoyment of future generations and the overall health of our planet. After all, since oceans account for half of the earth's oxygen, our own health depends upon the health of our seas!

Here's what we are doing to support marine conservation:

Supporting local non-profit organizations. Proceeds from each HydroView purchased will be donated to a nonprofit organization committed to protecting our bodies of water.

Supporting education. For every 100 HydroViews sold, one HydroView will be donated to a deserving school for use both inside and outside classrooms. Students can learn about the conditions of their local bodies of water and encourage those around them to protect the underwater world.

Recycling products. If you are ready to retire your Aquabotix product or if you need to dispose of product batteries, just send the product or batteries back to Aquabotix, free of charge, and we will either recycle the parts or dispose of them properly.

Please help us take action to protect our oceans, lakes and waterways!

If you are unhappy with the conditions beneath the surface in your local body of water, you can do something about it! Post images and video on a blog, Facebook or YouTube and share your concerns. Form a team and dedicate a day to clean up the harbor. Support a non-profit dedicated to marine conservation. For other great ways that you can make a difference, please visit The Nature Conservancy or


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