Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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Our underwater viewing tools
Explore. Inspect. Record.
Our underwater viewing tools are
designed to get the job done while saving you precious time and money.

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ROV Inspections:
Efficient. Safe. Quick.
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Water System Operator
"Do the job quicker and with less impact."
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Ocean News
Ocean News and Technology
"Meet more robust demands of commercial users."
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Law Officer
"Victim or target location and port, pier and hull inspections."
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"Explore the depths."
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Our underwater cameras and ROVs simplify underwater inspection!

Live underwater video systems in the AquaLens pole-mounted cameras and HydroView remote operated vehicles provide users with real-time video images of conditions under water. Still images and video can be recorded to document and share findings. Whether your use is professional or recreational, Aquabotix has the right system for your underwater viewing needs.

The HydroView ROV platform supports iPad and PC technology. Using an iPad's motion control sensors or the PC control panel in our application, inexperienced operators "fly" the HydroView with no formal training. Add an optional video game controller to increase the speed with which users become proficient pilots. Whether checking your vessel's hull, props or anchor set, studying marine life, inspecting tanks or dams, patrolling aquaculture environments or for search and recovery, there is a HydroView configuration specifically for you.

Aquabotix offers the underwater viewing tools to accomplish your mission effectively, efficiently and speedily.


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