Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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HydroView PRO HydroView AquaLens
HydroView AquaLens
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What will you see with the Hydroview remotely controlled underwater vehicle


I have been able to take a good length of video inspection of our public water reservoir without draining the facility or hiring divers. Very happy with the versatility of this camera unit. (We) capture(d) photos of some of the inspection condition we found. Interesting to see the steel ladder's condition.

-Bill C

It wasn't the best conditions. There were a couple of big swell lines and winds. I was amazed with the vehicle in the water. I was impressed. It's an amazing, amazing tool. I'd love to see it out here on good conditions what you did today. It would be astonishing, it really would.

-Capt. John

Recently, while leaving the port of Montauk in Long Island, unexpected fog created zero visibility and unfortunately our auxiliary engine began overheating. It turned out to be a clog in the raw water intake which we cleared -but the problem wasn't alleviated. With no wind, the strong currents brought forth dangerous obstacles. Fortunately, we had a HydroView available to drop in the water and detect that the thru-hull was stuffed with eel grass causing the restricted flow. This allowed us to solve the problem easily and quickly while avoiding an unnecessary amount of time and risk of dismantling the water pump. Although we use this cool product mainly for recreational exploration, it certainly proved its worth as a useful safety device.



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