Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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HydroView AquaLens
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The HydroView remotely controlled underwater vehicle lets you check on an anchor, look for something that fell overboard or off a dock and study marine life

HydroView Inspector


The HydroView Inspector is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) with two HD cameras that can record live video and capture photos. The internal camera is located in the front dome of the vehicle providing a forward look. The external camera is mounted to the body of the ROV and is manually positionable to change the pan/tilt of the camera. See in any direction, not just directly in front of the ROV. Digital recordings of images and HD video from either camera are executed with the tap of a button in the software application.

The HydroView Inspector, a mini remote operated vehicle (ROV), includes the following:

LED lights, internal HD camera, external HD camera with manual pan/tilt, Standard 150 foot cable, Depth Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Orientation Sensor, Waterproof carrying case, Topside box which generates its own Wi-Fi, free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer


There is no need to send a diver or even drain a tank for an inspection. With the HydroView Inspector's external camera, inspections are easier and safer. Simply drive your HydroView right along the side of the object that is being inspected while aiming the second camera to perform the inspection. Watch the live feed or record the HD video for editing, sharing and reporting. In addition, there is no formal training required for operation.


HydroView Inspector is the culmination of years of research into the challenges that inspectors face. An incredible amount of technology is built into a compact package that remains intuitive to operate. HydroView Inspector is the perfect tool to save operators time and money.


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