Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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AquaLens portable underwater viewing system

AquaLens Testimonials

If you're a gadget guy, this is just the ticket for you. It's relatively compact and can be tucked away in a gear bag, sitting at the ready for your underwater emergency or simple viewing fun.

Think of the possibilities: Drop it overboard and use it to watch while you fish! Need to inspect your zincs? It becomes a 15-minute job. No more divers or expense. Worried about a fouled prop? Inspect it without getting wet. Drop something overboard? Use the camera and a hook to retrieve it. Entering shallow waters? Hold the camera at the bow and watch for underwater obstructions. Marina Owner? This is a gaeat rental item.

- Roy Kok

Recently AquaLens was used to save a diver's life. There was a commercial fishing boat about 150 miles offshore when a net got entangled in the wheel underneath. The only diver on the boat went down to release the net and ended up getting tangled himself. When the crew got worried about the diver, they put the AquaLens down to check on him and realized that he was stuck. After seeing his condition, they sent a few knives down the tagline so that he could free himself from entanglement. The AquaLens was crucial to saving his life!

- Bob Dixon, Chris Electronics Corp, New Bedford, MA

As a full service marina we routinely use our AquaLens to have a visual look at the vessels bottom hull configuration. This ensures that out straps are positioned correctly prior to hauling a vessel. During a recent haul using the AquaLens, we were able to quickly position the travel lift straps so that they would not get hung up on the vessels underwater stabilizers... which saved a great deal of time and also enabled a greater sense of professionalism and confidence in our operation.

With AquaLens we have located and recovered several items that had been lost overboard - keys, rings, cell phones, tools and even a custom pieve of railing from a high end boat. We also demonstrate and let our customers use the product when they have a concern with their vessels performance. Very quickly - and while at the dock, they can see whether the loss in performance is due to hevily encrusted running gear or even if they have a line in the propeller... the customer can also determine the condition of their sacrificial zinc anodes.

Our last note worthy of mention is that when our younder customers are around the docks, our staff grab the AquaLens to show the kids crabe crawling on the bottom along with other marine life swimming by. the kids also love the product - almost as much as we do!

- Capt. Jim

I own a charter operation and rent six sailboats out by the week. I am always concerned that a customer might have had a grounding, and was hiring a diver to check the keel, rudder and prop after each trip. Expensive. I bought an AquaLens to see if I could check out the bottom avoiding the expense of the diver. The answer is an unqualified YES! I had a clear image of the leading edge of the keel and of the rudder bottom edge so I could tell if there had been an incident. This unit paid for itself very quickly.

- Thank you, Rob

The Aqualens proved to be an excellent tool for inspecting the hull and propeller before the Tuesday night race. It was easy to use for dockside inspection even after dark!


I could move around and handle the boat hook fairly easily... I was able to inspect the hull pretty thoroughly, and even found a foot-long section of missing bottom paint.

- Ben Ellison -


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