Innovative ROV Technology For Underwater Inspection

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HydroView AquaLens
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AquaLens portable underwater viewing system

AquaLens Pro


The first responder on scene can immediately begin the search for victims or evidence. No need to suit up or wait for specialists or back-up before starting the search. Save time and lives. AquaLens Pro is deployed in 30 seconds or less and returns immediate live video feed from the underwater search field. The waterproof control box/viewing screen can be wrist mounted. A superb tool to assist dive teams in narrowing the search field and reducing dive duration.


An essential tool for any marina operator, the AquaLens Pro is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Document the need for damage repair or mid-season maintenance. Ensure proper strap placement during haul out. Assist boaters find items lost overboard while docked/moored. Inspect moorings, pilings, discharge outlets. If a diver could see it, the AquaLens Pro can see it from the safety and comfort of the dock or deck.


Triage inspections of potable water tanks can be performed quickly and simply using the AquaLens Professional's live video feed. Only 5 inches in diameter, it fits through small access hatches and can be maneuvered into tight spaces. Inspect for leak sources, corrosion, sediment levels, or other situations that may require remediation. The KevlarŪ reinforced cable is strong enough to withstand commercial use and the AL Pro is rated to depths up to 300 ft.


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